Thursday, February 15, 2007

Today is a day

Obviously today is a day but what I mean is: that's it. It's neither a good day or a bad day. Just a day. It's my day off the day job and I had all sorts of wonderful things planned for today but nothing seems to have happened.

I went to the post office and posted some goodies to people and I ordered some cloth labels for the bigger things I plan to make...all good progress. Unfortunately the lady in the shop seemed to speak another language to me and thought I was weird....surely when you are ordering embroidered labels the font, the size, the colour of the stitching is all important? well lets just say that I thought so but the lady 'helping' me didn't !!
Then I came home, got the sewing machine out, set it up and nothing.....I lost my urge to sew !!!
I spent this afternoon playing around with some new ideas and colour combinations but didn't feel too inspired.
I am going to stop crafting and sit and doodle.

I have loads of things to photograph and share with you but that will have to wait until Sunday as the sunlight is going.

So for now I'm afraid the only pictures I can share are of things from my ideas folder. Whenever I am browsing the internet I save pictures I come across in a folder, named 'ideas folder' (original,huh?) and I just look at them all every so often. Some things I know I will make one day and others are for the colours or just because I like it.

I hope the owners of these pictures don't mind me using them. They are all from ebay, I searched Japanese Books in Craft and found these ideas! enjoy, get inspired and keep smiling :-)

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Anonymous said...

I love those frogs, how cute are they!?
Hope you get your mojo back