Thursday, February 22, 2007

organised chaos

Look at my list !! It is much to do, so much fun to be had :-)

I made the pictures small so you can't really read them, they aren't private but I'm sure no one would want to read them, except it normal to enjoy lists this much???

Pages and pages of things for me to sew / think about. I really can't recommend list making enough. I find it clears my head for more thinking and more designs and ideas. If i don't have to try and remember everything I am free to day dream and imagine, as long as I write them down as I go that is !

Look what the postman bought me yesterday.... 144 labels with paper-and-string on them, now I can attack the list which starts: sew labels on.....

This next photo is supposed to be awful. It is an extreme close up of the March freebie, just to tease you, if you can work out what it is then you are very clever and deserve a prize. Come back Thursday 1st March to see if you guessed correctly !

Now I would like to introduce you to someone. She is and she makes gorgeous fabric applique pictures. Go and look at the link please.
This clever lady is exhibiting at craft fairs at Jimmy's Farm in May and August( )

These are the photos she sent me of the pictures she has made using some of my goodies......

....I'm always amazed by the ideas crafty people have, sometimes I think 'wow, why didn't I think of that' or 'blimey, I never could do that' and so the idea of the 'reader's gallery' was sown.

Bear with me while I sort out the computery side of it and then I would love to see how you use my creations in your creations.....I will shamelessly plug you and your wares so don't be shy, get your pictures ready and wait for the launch

Now go and write a list and see how much better you feel :-)



Anonymous said...

I totally agree about lists - I am a compulsive list maker and usually have multiple ones in my little book, all for different things, current projects to finish, ideas for new projects, supplies I need to source etc

Anonymous said...

I took your advice about lists (as I've never used them since I gave up full-time work), but was absolutely amazed at how much I got done - and it give you such a great sense of achievement when you look at your list and see how much you've managed to cross off !!

Heidi said...

Can I ask where you get your labels from? I'd like to order some too. That's on one of my lists!

caroline said...

Lists - where would I be with out them?! I keep them compulsively and have even been known to add items like 'make beds' just so I can cross at least one thing off.

Like Heidi I was wondering where you ordered your labels from.