Thursday, February 08, 2007

A blog hotpot

As is customary for my weekly day off I have updated the shop with lots and lots of goodies. The picture below is the tip of the flu has gone and I'm working full steam again! I was reading the paper and saw an advert for a sofa....I normally hate these mass produced sofas and really love slightly old slightly tired but cherished pieces of furniture BUT now I want a brand new sofa. No one would be allowed to sit on it mind you, or cut out fabric whilst sitting on it or use the arm as a pin cushion, anything really, but look at it it's gorgeous.
If you want one too it's from Sofa Workshop and it's called Miss Sew n sew. Check out to see better photos

February Freebies went very well and I would recommend it to all crafters out there. It was so much fun I am really looking forward to the next one!! My friend Nia is so lovely, she sent me this: that I would receive a February freebie too !! How lovely is that? My thoughtful friend :-)

and with my heart came this card which I had to share because it is so cute. It's business card size and it is now at home propped up in my pincushion :-)
I've had a pottering day really that seems to be going past very quickly. I have replied to all emails and comments (i hope) if i missed you please forgive me! I've sorted out the shop, been to the post office, made some things, oh, and I've been shopping!!
All sorts of goodies are hopefully on their way here, I've ordered ribbon, buttons, paper, lots of felt, fabric, ric rac and some knitted fabric too. I will of course share pictures with you when it all gets here !!
There is a new range a foot, of larger soft toys, made with fabric and a bit of felt (I cant not use felt!) but I still need a bit more time to finalise the patterns and make the first ones.......

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artfulstampin said...

Hi there, just discovered your wasres and blog via ebay. What great creations! Can't wait to see what else you create, I love your style. Happy selling! Best wishes, Ruth