Saturday, February 03, 2007

freebies update

well that was quick !
All 6 of the freebies via the blog are now gone.
There are two ebay freebies left.

Everyone should have received an email asking for their address and they shall leave here Monday morning and be with you all very soon.

Sorry if you missed out, check back to see details of the next freebie extravaganza !!


Ali said...

Your lovely parcel came to day! Thank you so much - the heart is even sweeter in real life and your packaging is just great.

I wanted to e-mail you to say thanks, but I don't have yours, so this was the next best thing! Ali x

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah
It takes a lot to impress me. Generally when I'm asked my opinion, my standard response is 'it's OK'(I'm building a great picture of myself here), anyway to the point. I was so impressed with the bits and bobs I bought from your ebay shop and also the lovely and unexpected freebie. Such great quality, really quirky and individual pieces - a true inspiration to arts graduate who is now doing a failry uncreative job.
I'm not too familiar with all this blogging malarky so I hope you get my feedback.
You made my day. Thanks a million