Thursday, May 29, 2014


 yesterday John climbed on the roof (very carefully!) to take a look at a really rather ginormous moth that was on the window
John loves Moths (and Spiders...all things insecty really) me? I think they are pretty especially when they are  outside the window ;-)
and the BIG moth (we now know - thanks to Springwatch's forum) is a Poplar Moth.
 today's visitors were of the human form (hi Julie *wave*) - and ones that bought monkey biscuits and chocolate cakes!  yUmmMMmmY which seemed a pretty good deal to me - good company and cake swapped for a barn tour and a box full of felty remnants for a dementia craft group :-)


Kat Shenton said...

Found one of those moths where I work the other day. Nearly died when it rocked up by my feet. Your lucky you were on the other side of the glass :)

Gill said...

I found one last week while I was sitting outside Starbucks!!

Anonymous said...

Cakes look delicious - not so sure about the moths! x

Maria - A Playful Stitch said...

Told the Lumberjack about the moth - he came running over for a look! He loves butterflies and such, a nature boy!
Maria x

jiminy japes said...

I HATE moths!!! Even if it was on the outside of the window you wouldn't have seen me for dust!