Thursday, May 01, 2014

Are you feeling sparkly?

I am having the BEST fun finally being able to place orders to fill this barn up!!  This move has been 8 months or so in the planning stages and my notebook got chock-a-block with new ideas, things to sew, things to buy... and Glitter Material has been written in BIG letters at the top of the page for a long time ::
we've got 15 colours of super sparkly glitter material in stock!  look at it sparkle!
Glitter material is hard to describe, but basically it's a heavy cotton drill smothered in glue with a very generous layer of multi size glitter on top.
It's fabric, but the glue layer holds it together so it won't fray when you cut it, so in that respect it's a bit like felt.
You can cut it with scissors and hand sew with a normal needle and thread - I think if you used it constantly it'd be heavy going but for accents and embellishments it's gorgeous.
hooray! it took a lot of patience  and a lot of waiting but I have a glitter rainbow in the barn!
you can see it all piece by glittery piece by clicking here


Cardgenie said...

OOOOh SPARKLES!!! What lovely stuff. Boy are you lucky, getting to stroke all that lovely stuff in your barn. Hope you've settled in now. Jean.x

Anonymous said...

*A*M*A*Z*I*N*G* OOOOHHHH such sparkly loveliness - can I come and like in the barn... LHA x x x

Lucy Blossom said...

Sparkly AND shiny - what more could you want?

Kerry Roberts said...

That is beautiful! I need them all!! x

Handmaiden Vintage said...

Just amazing as you said - seeing so much stock almost gets me anxious to want to go all crafty right now!

Unknown said...

This is gorgeous!=D