Saturday, May 10, 2014

30 *new* felt colours

*new* felt has landed at the barn! 
it's Heathered Felt - and each and every *new* colour is officially AWESOME!
the Heathered effect happens in the making process which means each and every piece is slightly different and it has a more natural feel
 this *new* felt has slightly less wool than my Premium 40% wool felt (between 20-35% wool, depending on the colour) but it's a tad thicker and just as soft and gorgeous :-)
9" squares are 75p ....
 and 9" x 36" rolls are £2.85
quick links:
heathered felt squares are here
heathered felt rolls are here


Kristelle Barnes said...

These soft colours are lovely....I'm sensing another order heading your way soon :-) !!

Jessie May said...

Oh my gosh, these colours are beautiful. I think I need new felt :)

artemi said...

they look amazing..! i recently ordered my Swatch In A Box, will you make additional cards for these felt colors? :)