Thursday, May 15, 2014

3000 facebook likers = a fantabulous special offer for yooooou

 over the weekend our facebook page had it's 3000th liker!  YIPPEE ...but what to do to celebrate?!?
 John and I took a good look round this felt filled barn of ours and looked past the glittery, printed fancy stuff and homed in on our amazing felt.  Premium Wool Felt - 40% Wool - that extra 10% makes a tonne of difference!  Those of you (of which there are many!) who already use it know just how fab it is ....
 ....and you know that we were the first to bring you 45 glorious colours in Mini Roll form (and mini rolls are the best thing ever, so easy to unroll and chop a bit off, and so beautiful to look at too!)
so what better way to celebrate 3000 facebook likers than to offer a whole Mini Roll extravaganza? - on the website (and only the website) the mini rolls are on special offer - reduced from £3 to only £2.50...there are 30 of each colour on offer (30x black, 30x charcoal, 30x get the idea) - that's a grand total of 1350 mini rolls!!  the offer runs until the end of Sunday 18th May or until they have all been sold, whichever comes first!
they are on the website here
ps once the 30 special price of each colour have been sold I will relist them at the normal price so don't get confused if some are £2.50 and some are £3


stephanie said...

I just tried to place an order for these and kept getting an error at checkout but it didn't tell me what was wrong. I have no idea if my order went through or not (or if it went through 3 times because thats how many times i tried like an idiot) :(

paper-and-string said...

hi Stephanie - it doesn't look like it as worked at all I'm afraid - please email me the order and I can sort it out for you :-)