Friday, May 23, 2014

one technical experiment : one special offer

I have wanted to redesign my website layout for a while, but I have been stumped by my own lack of know-how - which is very frustrating indeed.

here's the problem -  at the moment my menu looks like the one above...and when you hover over each category a sub-divided menu this one ::

This does work perfectly well BUT it isn't very pretty - and I want to change it....and now I  *think * I have sussed out how to do it so when you click the menu at the top...*ahem* can you spot which one to press? get taken to a page of lovely photo menu of all the sub-categories instead of that yucky grey wordy menu
 and here's where you lot come in .... on my website I have removed the old FABRIC category and have put up a new shiny PRETTY fabric category (called FABRIC PAGE TEST, it's in a weird place and I can't move it).....please can you all go and look and tell me if there's anything wrong with it?  I think it works great and I love how it looks, and if you agree it means I will be changing the entire website, and that is a BIG job, so I'd like your feedback first please :-)
As a BIG thank you (cos I'm nice like that) I have reduced all of the fabric from £3.25 a fat quarter to just £2.50 (apart from the flannel fabric) even all the new ones I listed today!!  I'm thinking you'll like the new Halloween one ::
thanks! and fingers crossed I've done magical web development stuff with out *quite* knowing how I have done it!!


trash said...

I have been and looked and had a good poke around and in all honesty I can see no problem with that page.

The layout is clear and the images sharp. Good work designers, good work.

Cardgenie said...

The test page is fab - much nicer than the black drop down. The only thing I can't do is get the number of items to be displayed to change from the default 12. The drop down box to alter the number doesn't seem to work. The images are lovely and clear and the colours are zingy - well done. Jean.x

Lucy Blossom said...

I think it looks great, is very easy to navigate. The only downside were the pictures were a little slow to load, but I don't have great internet speed which might affect it a little.

Michele T said...

It is working perfectly for me!! Very easy to navigate too! There is a slight delay but nothing significant. The photos for each category is great!!

trash said...

Everything downloaded speedily enough when I played so it might be download speed rather than your page.

Julia said...

Looks great, press and view, easy to see what your looking for, great photos well done julia have a great weekend x

Unknown said...

When the text description for items runs to a third line, I can't see that one, just a slither of the top of the text - not sure if that's just me!
Otherwise, love the new look!