Saturday, September 29, 2012

website update x2

My wholesale website has *finally* re-opened...I needed to update and re-list a lot of products and today I finished it, hooray!  AND because I was on a website updating roll I've added a new category to my main's called's for serious crafters who make a lot of items (perfect for this time of year!)  there are a lot of products in there already and more will be added as deliveries arrive...and all the BULK products have a 15% saving- hooray!
Good news for Trade Customers & good news for Bulk makers too :-)
quick links : 
for my Trade only wholesale website click here
for the new Bulk category on my main website click here

1 comment:

Wise Owl said...

Oh so nice! I hope you have stock, I'm gonna make a huuuuge order! Just waiting for some custom orders to be completed so I'll know colors I'll need etc!