Saturday, September 08, 2012

BIG buttons

 I stock a lot of teeny tiny buttons...and I stock a lot of middle sized buttons ...and I stock a lot of flower buttons....actually I could make it easy and just say I stock a lot of buttons! ... but from time to time I get asked for buttons I don't have!  BIG Buttons, in a mixed bag, for a little price have been on my shopping list for a while!
 And now I've hunted them down ....and this morning I weighed them (150g a bag) and bagged them into BIG bags....I still love teeny tiny buttons but when I was taking these photos I was soooo tempted to just sit and play BIG buttons for a while!
So if you need BIG* buttons for your projects I have them, hurrah!
*BIG buttons are 2-3cm diameter, some are bigger.  Some are 2 hole, some are 4 hole, some have shanks, some you sew through, some are toggles, some are shapes.  All are BIG!
Quick Link :: for  BIG bags of BIG buttons click here
and now I've finished my to do list and am going home to sew!  double hurrah!

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