Sunday, September 02, 2012

bare shelves

my stock shelves were looking pretty bare on Friday afternoon ::
 but after a few hours of pack making ::
 rainbow making ::
 and mini roll rolling they look full up again!
 and after all that felt stocking up, I finished weighing and bagging tonnes of button packs!
It's certainly looking very colourful in the stock room right now!
Quick Links:
Felt packs, click here
Rainbows, click here
Mini Rolls, click here
Button Bags, click here & here


Louise B said...

You can't beat a bit of colour and organisation!

quiltdude said...

The blue felt packs look delicious, like a summer holiday all in felt...will add them onto my wish list I think. x

Unknown said...

Lovely!! I received my prize (Santa kit) and love it. Thank you so much x Sue x

Jessie May said...

You have the best job!! It all looks so pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Your rainbows look like the squares out of liquorice allsorts but giant and more cheerful!!