Wednesday, September 19, 2012

the Ribbon Man cometh

I don't get many work based visitors to my workshop,  but when they do come they have the best names....I have the Felt Man (only been once, but he does have to get on an aeroplane to get here!)  I have the PomPom Lady, she sells tonnes of things but the pom poms stick in my mind!...then there's the Fabric Man, he's lovely but I don't like it when he comes because it's always expensive!...I also have a Button Man & and a Fluff Man, but only deal with them on the phone....and American Lady, she's soooo far away so conversations always happen over emails....but today I'm being visited by Ribbon Man....just a general stock up and he has new things to show me (hooray!)  it meant that this morning I got busy with the spreadsheets* .... and then got all the ribbon out & counted it...and now I'm ready to order!
*I use a spreadsheet to work out how much stock I need to make up kits...I need to be super organised because each kit has so many different components


Kimberley said...

Oh how I wish I had a button man with a van full of buttons!

Jane said...

oooh must not look!!!