Sunday, September 23, 2012

the need for more space

when I had my window replaced a week or so ago (you can read the post here) I decided it was also a good time to re-arrange my working space.  Here's a link to the post about the day I moved everything in (when it looked empty and tidy and not at all like it is!) the furniture had stayed where I put it on that day...but now I have moved it around a bit...It's been in it's new arrangement since Window Day and it's working really well, so it is staying like this!
The table under my BIG pin board has stayed but I have added another table at right angles which can be pulled out if I need more room.  This is my new cutting out area,  I have my big worktable in the other room if I need to cut big things, but mostly I am cutting out little things here.
 The computer table has stayed in the corner, next to the window...
To the right hand side is the printer, with extra paper, card etc stored mostly on the floor!*
 To the left of the computer is this pile of stuff.  This is actually the most important pile of stuff I's my accounts and paperwork, invoices waiting to be paid, and everything that is important paperwork that I do.*
This last table is my sewing machine table...I try to keep it clear but it's a good space to put things on!
* the two piles of things-on-the-floor are being transformed into piles of neatness courtesy of another Ikea purchase, the flat packs arrived on Friday and John very kindly made them for me today ... I'll take some finished photos when I've tidied everything up!


sew said...

It's good to see where you work from - work indeed - do you ever stop??!!
My sewing room seems to be a constant source of 'tidying up' but never seems to stay tidy for long - felt creatures in the making, crochet & knitting on the go - too many WIPs methinks!
Ah well - I enjoy it all (except for the tidying!).

wendyroomcreations said...

How lovely to work in a clean and tidy workspace. Oh that mine was. Philippa