Monday, July 02, 2012

ow! *sob* ow!

Bad News ::
last October I had a filling. 
A big one. 
Yesterday I had a little toothache and then a teeny piece of the filled tooth fell out (yuck, I know!) .... pain killers and tooth gel were fine all day long until I woke up in agony at 3am... I couldn't sleep or do anything (except wake John up to tell him my tooth hurt, poor John!) I had no idea toothache could hurt so much!
I waited and waited and watched the clock until 8.30am when I phoned a different dentist and managed to get an emergency appointment at's now 3.20pm and I have got a temporary filling and an appointment for root canal work in my diary AAAAHHHH!!!
Good News ::
I'm quite good at internet backgammon, apparantly I hit my peak around 5.30am
Heartbeat is on the TV very early, if my favourite Columbo isn't on then Heartbeat will just about do!
Concentrating on Monday morning orders makes the clock tick round to 2pm quite quickly...and a trip to the dentist means a lift to the Post Office so no rainy Post Office walk for me today!

More toothache picture can be seen by looking at this google search


Anonymous said...

Poor you - horrible! I had a root canal last year, not as bad as I was expecting!!Spookily #2 son has come home complaining of jaw ache and has an iffy looking tooth!?Funny the things you end up watching/playing/ doing when sleep is not allowed! Hope you have a better night!

Anna said...

My husband had a root canal a few years back and it was nowhere near as bad as he was expecting, and made all the toothache go away completely. So hopefully it will be the same for you! x

dottycookie said...

Oh you poor thing, no fun at all; but the root canal work will get it all sorted out so it can't possibly ever hurt you again - there won't be any nerve left to hurt!

Zethan said...

I'm sorry to hear that >.< I hope you can get it all fixed quickly. I have two teeth that need a root canal and I'm still waiting to get money together to get them pulled because the price for root canal is just way out of my range. GOOD LUCK!!!

Jessica said...

Sounds very nasty indeed - hope the root canal work all goes well and that your teeth are back to their happy selves again soon!

Emma, Sweet Williams said...

Have you had root canal work before Sarah? I had one of my back teeth done about two months ago. I worried myself to death over it because I had heard many horror stories. What was the most painful part I hear you ask??? Having to lie in the chair for nearly an hour and wasting precious sewing and button playing time!! It was nowhere near as bad as I expected. Completely pain free throughout, just a bit uncomfortable because it was a back tooth and having to keep your mouth wide open for so long. Felt fine afterwards - no trouble since and would happily have it done again if needed. Much better to save the tooth for a bit longer than to just whip it out. Good luck and sorry for the essay!!! Emma xxx

Crafty in the Med said...

Oh dear...sorry to hear that....toothache is the worst of the worst and gong to the dentist my worst nightmare. Trouble is I work myself up to a shaky bag of nerves and then it is never so bad as what I've been worrying myself about. Good you are getting it sorted straight away though.

Everything looks so lovely and tidy in your store room my home office is a pig sty......waiting for my hols to get it cleaned up

Amanda :-)

Liverpool Lou (Anne) said...

Ouch, poor you :-( I'm a fellow Columbo lover ;-)
Anne x

YaYa VoGue said...

i also had that problem too..but im lucky because the doctor try to re-filling my tooth and i dont have to do the root canal work...because the treatment for that is expensive for me...huhu