Friday, July 27, 2012

early morning stitching

At 6am I was sitting on the sofa hand sewing*, it's amazing how much work you can get done whilst you should be asleep!
I managed to finish: the last two of these 12 flower drawing pins
the hand sewn parts of these 6 boxes and a heart and a flower brooch! 
ooohhh and seagull update:  the cheeky little thing can fly! I've seen him coming and going the past two days...but he does seem to live on the flat roof, and he still likes sitting in, and drinking from, the make-do bird bath!  I think now I have started putting water out I will continue to do it :-)
* only because it was too hot to sleep, not because I'm addicted to sewing or anything (which I am of course, but I do like sleeping too!)

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Anonymous said...

you busy bee!drawing pins look so summery! - we have the fans blasting out all night! won't be looking forward to the electric bill!! glad all is good with your "new pet!"