Thursday, July 19, 2012

just a quickie!

I have about 6 minutes to do this post...then I have to dash to the post office and then trudge to the dentist!  Yes today is: Root Canal Day....I'm not feeling too worried because the temporary filling has stopped all the pain so the hardest thing will be the trying-not-to-dribble-whilst-mouth-is-open-for-90-minutes thing!
This morning has been fun, I've packed orders in super quick time, received a delivery of my new postcards (which show all my new kits so you can't see them yet!  (sisterini if you are reading this before I speak to you, they look FAB!)) AND I had delivery of 2 more bolts of fabric!!

i'm *nearly* looking forward to having to sit down for 90 minutes!!
New Fabric can be found by clicking here


Zethan said...

Looks fun ^.^ I can already think of a few things to do with it.

Wise Owl said...

How did the root canal go Sarah? was it painful?