Wednesday, July 04, 2012

back to normal!

thank you all for your good wishes (and the advice that root canal work isn't as bad as I imagine!)
I think my toothache timed itself well...because yesterday was super busy PLUS I had some out of the ordinary things::
  •  John Lewis sent a top up order through for more kits
  • My Not On The High Street Shop had a mad busy moment and I've now cut out 14 felt boxes and some felt decorations (a few of which I have finished and packed up today) and I'm sure you'll see the rest as I finish them!)
  • A box of new fabrics arrived....the box says who it's from on the outside and I said to the delivery man 'ooohhhh, new fabric! but that's not supposed to arrive until July, wonder why it's so early'
  • I turned my calendar page over to July, and felt a bit silly!
and then today I've received the forecast for Autumn/Winter from John Lewis...which means my to-do list just exploded!
There's no time for anymore toothaches around here!


marta said...

love this owl! it is verry nice. bye, marta

Zethan said...

Awesome! glad to hear your busy ^.^

Anonymous said...

You deserve all this success !!
No more toothaches for Sarah!

wendyroomcreations said...

It's always good to have a distraction: work to distract from tooth; and tooth to distract from work! :-0 Philippa

Kay said...

Your work is so fun to look at. I will never stop loving the owls. John Lewis must adore you, wish I lived near to one as they are my favourite department store.

CÖ SER said...

wow !! love this box,