Friday, July 20, 2012

making rainbows

Today has definitely been a rainbow day...lots of felt rainbows have been cut, stacked and tied...lots of swatches have been printed, cut and stuck AND if you peer into the background you can see that my felt stock has been filled up too!
Tooth Update:
Root Canal isn't that bad
- The (very slow) injection of pain relief wasn't nice, but didn't last long!
- The filing (that's filing, not filling) of the holes was weird, but again, it didn't hurt
- Having to open my mouth for 1.5 hours (' a little bit wider please Sarah') was the hardest face was so numbed I couldn't really tell how open or closed my mouth was!
- There was no dribbling - a miracle!

Today it's a little tender, but that makes sense because it took a pummelling yesterday!
I have a routine check up next week, but for now my dentist saga is over.


Maria - A Playful Stitch said...

Glad it wasn't too bad! Hope it feels back to normal soon!
Maria x

Baby said...

I alaways wonder why crafters need to do lots of swatches...and hope your teeth get well soon:)

wendyroomcreations said...

I'm glad the dentistry went well. Did you get a sticker for being a good patient? Philippa xx

Grig said...

Hello Sarah,
I have sent a message to you for a my order number 39049 !
Answer to me please :)