Monday, September 12, 2011

tidy again

In my rush to get my parcels finished on Friday (to sit with the wounded one, he's fine btw, healing nicely!) I dumped all my postal supplies on my packing area and forgot all about it until it was time to pack orders today....hhhmmm having my very own post office requires some storage solutions!

one metal-letter-sorter-rack-thingy* later and I am tidy again!

*metal-letter-sorter-rack-thingy was in the garage, something John had & kept because we thought 'it maybe useful one day'!


Emma, Sweet Williams said...

You are super neat and organised! Something I need more practice at. AND your own post office to play with - jealous much! Glad to hear John is on the mend xx

Pretty Petal Handmade said...

Arent we lucky men dont part with much!? Dont you hate it when men are right :)

Love your post office!

Rhi x

Pickled Polkadot said...

Hi Sarah,

How are you? I haven't been online in a while but had to check in to say that I was at my local John Lewis on Kings Road (well it's called Peter Jones but it's John Lewis inside - a tad confusing!) and your kits were in there. I got so excited and couldn't resist the woodland friends kit :-) They look so professional and so eyecatching on the shelves, congrats!

Love Hailing (soappops girl!)x

P.S So sorry to hear about your nan. Sending lots of love and hugs.

Anonymous said...

Playing post office looks like so much fun. I hope you get to do lots of stamping with metal stampers that make a nice clunky sound