Thursday, September 22, 2011

new things!

there are new things in the shop!!new BULK bags of cute flower buttonsnew BULK bags of Christmas Star buttonsnew felt flower & happy cupcake embellishmentsnew mini cupcake packsand more Christmas ribbon boxes....but just in case you begin to think that I'm superhuman doing all this as well as slaving in the kit factory (!) I'm not...I'm lazy!! these new items have been accumulating in a box, waiting for photos to be taken and website fiddling to be done, for oh, about 10 days or so ...

quick links ::

flower buttons here

star buttons here

felt flowers here

happy cupcakes here

mini cupcakes here

Christmas ribbon here


Bagladee said...

OH MY GOD I am actually hyperventilating!!! How adorable are those flower buttons!!! And there's my Christmas ribbon.

Everyone, buy the Christmas Ribbon its fabulous!!


Anonymous said...

OOHHH......such cuteness all on one entry, no wonder Bagladee is hyperventilating!!! I need to check my bank account or maybe better - start a Xmas wishlist!

Indigo Blue said...

OOOh, those flower buttons will go well with the felt cut fowers I have been making today. Off to have a closer look!

I need some buttony, felty therapy at the moment this is just what I need.

Indigo Blue said...

ok, I know it has been a long week and I have a lot on my mind at the moment but I can not find the lovely flower buttons. I could be losing the plot perhaps a good nights sleep will helpo. I shall be back.
They are lovely though.

Sally said...

Oooo what lovely things! Loving the christmas ribbon! Have you got any jingle bells?
Sally x

Jessie May said...

Not surprised everyone is excited about your flower buttons. They are absolutely too cute for words :)

sew said...

Those buttons are sitting here looking at me and are gorgeous! Thank you for your prompt delivery.