Tuesday, September 13, 2011

box of stock

today I have been sorting through a delivery of stock I ordered lots of my favourite regular items ...sewing thread, polka dot buttons, zips, ric rac and gingham ribbon ... and they are all nicely topped up. I also got busy counting and bagging buttons so the super popular teeny tiny polka dot buttons are all back in stock...there are also a few new goodies ... a new colour of bulk buttons :: brights .... some new velvet ribbon .... and some new ric rac colours too!
quick links :: ric rac :: gingham ribbon :: sewing thread :: bulk buttons :: zips :: teeny tiny polka dot buttons :: velvet ribbon :: polka dot buttons ::


Pretty Petal Handmade said...

It must be like Christmas every day in your shop! I'd look forward to every delivery if they are all as lovely as that :)

Rhi x x

Anonymous said...

Wish I could win the lottery....!!!
Such happy craft shopping would be had!