Saturday, September 03, 2011

saturday sewing

Today I needed to finish 2 orders from NotOnTheHighStreet (one set says LIVY and the other ROSIE) I was up at 6am this morning doing the hand sewing part (I couldn't sleep), then I went to the workshop to do the machine sewing/finishing off and I managed to get them all sewn and packed and to the Post Office before 11am!
Later on I'm going to pick up the flowers for Nan's funeral...I've asked for happy, bright flowers and I hope they look like I imagine!
I caused confusion with my last post....I've been running paper-and-string for 5 1/2 years ... for the first 4 1/2 years I was doing it part-time, whilst managing a shop for my day job, but last year I handed in my notice and 1st September was the year's anniversary for running paper-and-string full time...hope that makes sense!!


chrissie said...

Congratulations on your anniversary. You deserve all the success that has come your way. No one will mind the absence of a freebie this month- now it is time to be with your family. Chris k

Manu said...

I'm sure you will find some beautiful flowers for your Nanny!
I am sending you a big hug for Monday .. I think so!
When I'm upset .. I can not sleep .. The past few evenings, I sewed an owl and a cupcake of your kit "make your own" .. I also made a post .. if one day you feel like have a look .. My seams are still improve a lot! =^__^=


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you with the gentlest thoughts x

rosineide_tozinha said...

ficaram lindas!!!
como tudo o que vc faz, maravilhoso
parabens pelo talento!! bjs bjs

Julia said...

I may not have made my last comment clear either! I knew it was a year ago that you had given up the 'day job' and thought it had gone by very quick! :0) xx