Thursday, March 31, 2011

a special order

at the beginning of last week I started work on a wholesale order and in between moving and unpacking I just about managed to get it posted on time...phew!


xxMarit said...

so cute!!!!

Stephanie said...

Pretty :)
What do the people who do all these wholesale orders use them for? Just curious :)

Katie Maisey said...

awwww its a mound of cutenes!! especially the cats bless them! xx

jordiegirl said...

Love the cupcakes with faces.

Anonymous said...

nothing like being busy!!your days are always so constructive - mine just run away with me!!

home made gorgeous said...

Aahhh, these are all so cute!! I am so impressed, they all look so well made even though you had to make them quickly... Sarah x

Ioanna K. said...

adorable!!!!! i love the turtles and the cupcakes! greetings from greece! ^^

Anonymous said...

Frances says :
You're well organised. Each time I log onto the internet (daily if possible), I check your site. Love all the new things you share with us.
Good weekend to you

Kerry said...

It's all so pretty :)
It's just my luck to have a baby boy...I wanted to make cute dresses and applique them with butterflies and the like....hey-ho, tractors and bugs it is then!

You have such an amazing talent, makes me miss my craft room :(

Kerry xx

Doris said...

I just wanted to let you know that you've been awarded the Liebster Blog Award from Knitted Back Together - see here:

Thanks for your blog; it really is enjoyable.
Claire x