Saturday, March 26, 2011

Japan Raffle now CLOSED

a quick post to let you know that entries to the raffle have now closed.
any donations made after closing time will still be gratefully accepted but won't qualify for entry into the raffle.
I'll pop back later when I have drawn the winner and I'll also let you know how much we raised...


Anonymous said...

Poop! - brain wasn't in gear, meant to do this morning, but rushing around for a Cub outing for the boys. Well done though for a very generous raffle, and I'm sure lots of money raised! Good luck to all. Hope you're a bit more rested and have enjoyed finding a new home for everything!

Anonymous said...

Great!! 70 comments/70 donations!!
Thanks Sarah for this generous raffle.
And good luck to everyone, me toooooooo :)