Tuesday, March 08, 2011

winners announced


there are a lot of Ice Lolly fans out there....the lucky two who have had their names drawn from the hat are....
comment #25 Manu
comment #34 Steffi
well done ladies!
(I'll email you both in a minute)

and for all those who didn't win something don't forget there's an offer code for you to use in Hailing's Soap Shop...just type PAPERANDSTRING for 10% off


Stephanie said...

I held my breath as I saw "Steffi" and then when I saw it was me and not another Steffi I screamed so loud my boyfriend came running into the room thinking there was a spider!!

(I also had to check again that I was not getting confused)

ZEPETIT said...

It´s lovely!


quiltdude said...

well done winners

Desirée-ScrapDees said...

congrats to the winners! And thanks for giving us the chance to win something!

Manu said...

Wow wow wow wow wow!!!
Thank you very much!!!
You changed my black day in an explosion of colors!


Unknown said...

Well done to both winners. Sue x

Mil y un colores said...


I'm Bea from 'Mil y un colores'.
I have just discovered your blog, and it's lovely!!

I love that soaps ant the 'boxes' with letters!!

Well, excuse me because my english is not very good.

You have a new follower!
Visit my blog ;)



Kuazue Mohamad said...

hai .. great fro teh winner.. but thing so nice friends..

Mathangi Arun said...


I once made a felt purse based on your tutorial. I made a rectangle red pouch with a football jersey and ball felt applique sewed on it.

I live in Chennai, India and I don't know where to find such cute supplies. It would work out expensive for me to buy it from other countries but I really need a hobby like this as a stress-reliever. Your blog and work is such inspiration.

Do you have any suggestions for me? Also, I would love to buy Make-your-own felt purse kits or Make-your-own felt bag kits.

Thanks and keep the good work going! :)

Nisa Greennnpanda said...

Huhu~.. I wasn't lucky enough..
Owh well, congrats to the winners..
Hope to see more freebies from paper-and-string again~.. >_<