Wednesday, March 02, 2011


I've been counting buttons!
Stocks of my dyed buttons are running very low and I can't dye any more until I'm in the new workshop (we have a new cooker and I am a messy dyer so I have promised to never dye in our kitchen at home again!!)
I placed an order for more buttons when they started to run out , but had to put it on hold a few weeks ago (when I realsied I wasn't moving in any time soon)
So I have re-jigged the website and every button I have is listed .... more will be coming to replace them but it won't be for a while!


ZEPETIT said...

Ooooh! Lots and lots!!!


Fiskarettes said...

We have a Competition running atm where you can win lots of Fiskars Tools. It might interest you. Check us out

Anonymous said...

I looooooove your buttons!!

leanne said...

Oh lovely buttons! All those pretty colours are so cheerful ;) I recieved my parcel of felt and bits today, I can't wait for the weekend to get busy! Thank you Sarah, it was all beautifully rapped.