Monday, March 07, 2011

a whirlwind catch up

not many words but a lot of pictures of what kept me busy this weekend ::
custom card topper (12cm high)
custom card toppers (8cm high)
another box
felt delivery (I also got a load of felt by the metre but forgot to take a photo!)
and ....more boxes!
I hope your weekend was fun too??


somewhere on the avenue said...

Lovely items, love those boxes! x

Unknown said...

What a busy weekend for you (and for me!) custom card toppers for you and cupcake toppers for me! A much needed rest for us both I think! Beautiful boxes btw. Sue x

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh! =) It's such a pretty!!! =)

Desirée-ScrapDees said...

i really like the boxes! so lovely!

Anonymous said...

I love the boxes. Just completed one (my first). Making more

Weazel Girl said...

You make the cutest cupcake designs... Any time you have something with a cupcake on it, I fall in love. :)