Thursday, November 06, 2008

november freebie

In preparation for the Christmas season I decided to focus my November giveaway on supplies and people still having enough time to make a few gifts.

I think (and I know a lot of you agree!) that handmade gifts are much more special than shop bought gifts, whatever the level of skill the maker possesses.

With this in mind I have a selection of freebie prizes (the photos are all recycled from my website because it's too dark for photo taking!)

The prizes are ::
prize one :: 1x make-your-own flower brooch kit AND 1x ribbon pack
prize two :: 1x make-your-own owl kit AND 1x mini felt rainbow
prize three :: 1x make-your-own robin kit AND 1x bag of buttons
To enter :: leave a comment on this post telling everyone what gifts you are planning to make this Christmas season, better still leave links to tutorials, or your own blogs. It's the time of year where inspiration is more than welcome, so feel free to comment more than once but if you do each new comment MUST have a different link to a tutorial or idea....that way if people don't win a freebie they still get loads of new ideas!

Rules :: any one can enter from anywhere in the world BUT I must be able to contact them via the comment left.
Winners :: will be picked out of a hat at random
Closing Date :: end of Tuesday 11th November 2008
Winners announced :: Wednesday 12th November 2008
Good Luck!
**I will follow up this freebie with a list of all tutorials or blogs listed in the comments, so remember to pop back for some Christmas-y/Crafty inspiration**


sara said...

I am making lots of scarves, fingerless gloves and hats. I also have a bag on the needles which I am going to felt in the washing machine ( this scares me!).

Anonymous said...

I have made a cute little peg bag for my mum, using lovely bright Cath Kidston fabric, and i've made my little baby her first doll for her first xmas! - not that she'll have any idea whats going on as she'll only be 5 months by then, (sorry no pics as don't have my own blog - yet) just have to think of something to make for my son now, (thinking maybe a peter pan outfit)- so hope to get some other good ideas from the other comments.

Anonymous said...

this year i'm mostly knitting christmas presents! hat and scarf sets or tea cosies!
of course there wil be a few felt things in there too ;)

thanks for another super giveaway sarah! xx

Shelley said...

Another great giveaway!

I've made lots of things for Christmas including a robot, lounge pants and a snow white doll, with loads more in progress. Only problem is I've not blogged any of them yet!
I have however made a bunch of christmas ornaments for friends and family that I have blooged about, so take a visit to my blog and have a gander!

Erin said...

I'm making a lot this year:

I'm making my mom, who travels a lot, a jewerly roll.

I'm making my little sister a cool funky purse and some covered button hair ties.

I made my grandmother an apron which is reversable and has tons of decorative stitiching on the waist band.

I made my husband's gram a quilt with fabric she bought decades ago, planning to make the quilt, but loosing steam within weeks. She has no idea I'm doing it. Finished that this Monday by the way and was EXCITED!

Making a variety of small zipper pouches which I will put candy in for kid's teachers and some of our friends.

Not sure what else. oh making my best friend a quilt, top is done on that just need to quilt it next.

No links, all those people read my blog and it's all suprises.

Ann and Sam said...

Ooooo would love to win one of thes.

Well, the plan this year is to make:-

(a) japanese room shoes using the Keyka Lou pattern ( plus matching eye/sleep masks (and maybe matching bags if I get really carried away) - for the girls mostly, but maybe for the boys too.

(b) Delia's 4" square irish whiskey christmas cakes (,1138,RC.html) for the boys. These are made and waiting to be iced closer to the time.

(c) jars of piccalilli - already made and now 'mellowing for 3 months' (Delia again:,933,RC.html) for whoever I think would fancy a jar.

(d) Plus, as per usual, calendars with pictures of Sam, who is nearly 6, to send to all his rellies.

All to be wrapped up with brown paper and stripey red and white bakers twine.

That's the plan anyway..


Rachel said...

What a lovely lovely blog and lovely products - I just found you so have had a glut of picture drooling!! I mainly do paper crafts and having just prepared lots of things for a craft stall I will be uploading photies soon. I have two blogs - one personal one business (I sell papercrafting items and rubber stamps) but this christmas I am making a folding recipe favourites pocket for one sister, A photo album (for the same sister - but from my daughter), I have also recently done some tissue paper image candles which i am very pleased with and some stationery sets which are going to get a makeover and i will give people a years worth of greeting cards, envelopes and stamps. I always struggle with boy things onthe handmade front so any ideas welcome there - I have 5 to sort out!! I haven't knitted in a while but i feel an urge for some fingerless gloves with fluffy bits - but they would be for me - lol


craftymummy said...

I'm making a Little Red Riding Hood cape and basket for my niece, a pair of knitted socks for my DH, bean bags for DD and DS, a tablecloth for MIL, and a chocolate truffles for SIL and BIL. Oh, and something for DD teachers, but I don't know what yet :-)

claire said...

I've made strawberry cushions (from the sew pretty homestyle book) for my young cushions. (one of them also has one of your make your own kits!)- Pics of the strawbs are on my blog.
I'm also making some drawstring bags which I'll fill with flowery dishcloths or appliqued flannels.
My 3yr olds kindergarten teachers will get something homemade probably foodie eg mini christmas cakes and wrapped in cellophane tied with ribbon.

Anonymous said...

I am digging the owl! Love it!

greetingarts said...

You never fail to awe me with your generosity. I feel so lucky to know you through blogging! I plan on making a few knit and crocheted toys and ornaments, some market bags, and a wrap/scarf thingy for my sister's combined 40th birthday and Christmas gift. We'll see how much I actually get done!

I have a few tutorials on my blog for some different kinds of notebooks that would be good stocking stuffers, crocheted flowers that could be used as embellishments, and felt bookmarks that can be personalized and customized for every gift. Just look under the "show and tell" category!

Thanks! You're the best.

Dollydimps said...

*waves to Rachel*!
Having seen some gorgeous little hair clips in a local kids' boutique, and thinking "I can do that!" I've made loads for my daughter and niece. Even better, I've had a fair few people asking me to make them for them too! There are some pics on my blog,but loads more on my website (link on blog)
I had a clearout of the children's scarf/hat box, so have a fair bit of fleece which I'm going to do something with....just not sure what uet though! Any suggestions??

Ruthie said...

I am using lots of felt on my Christmas cards - that' s the limit of my sewing ability (first attempt is on my blog).

I am also hoping to do a few beady bits.

Great freebie!



Apple Valley said...

Wow what a great givaway.

I am new to crafting, so havn't got too much planned for this year.

I would like to make my children a fabric advent calender and then hopefully next year I will be able to make them all one each

Annie Scarlett said...

I will be making Felt Boards for my three boys for Christmas. I know they'll love them. I got the idea from this tutorial:

Kitty said...

I have already blogged about the fact that I decided I needed to make gifts rather than buy them this year. I've done some scarves, am doing some bags (yay! At last) and there will be monkeys (including a giveaway monkey), along with some other bits and pieces (in other words, I haven't decided yet).


Anonymous said...

this year im giving people friends and family, a little pack iv made up using all paper and sting felt buttons ribbon for them to make there own little craft using all of the paper and sting iteams.

Sonya said...

Well I am going to do some stationery sets,handmade card sets,things like that. I wanted to make handmade ornaments but I got started to late in all this. I need to plan for things earlier!

jenniferhoiyin said...

I'm not sure, our family does a name swap so I guess it depends on who I get.
whoever it is though, it'll be handmade. I'm making my nieces little hair clips and something lovely for my sisters.

Unknown said...

I've been working on felt food for Kenzie- I got ideas from ETSY.

I made pj pants from pillowcases for a few kiddos.

I made a pin cushion for my mom from a tutorial online.

I made these darling shoes for my best friend's baby.

And I found a GAP bathrobe I had put away for one of the boys and forgot that is now just a wee bit big for Kenzie so I will embellish it girly for her.

Love your blog.

Julie said...

What a great giveaway and a great idea for getting loads of inspirational Christmas pressie ideas......

So this year I am planning to make my kids the pencil roll from the creative family book check out this blog I am also making them a super duper craft box.

I am also making some little needle felted ornaments for an ornament swap here in NZ. I also plan on having a needle felting tutorial before christmas with a needle felted angel giveaway...

A couple of mosaic pots for relatives (if I have time) and I have also recently bought myself a sewing machine, I have no idea how to use it but once I do I hope to be able to make some simple bags as presents too.

Wow I think that I had better get a move on. I blog about most of my crafty pursuits, they are in there amongst all the family stuff...... X

Tara @ Aquamarine Art said...

Wow, fab giveaway! I am making all my Christmas presents, (except the ones I already bought during the year), so I'd better get cracking!

For my brother, a keyring spelling his name in scrabble tiles. For my mum, I'm planning to make what I think of as a 'walkies bag' - a bag she can sling across her body with all the necessary pockets for dog walking paraphernalia so she has her hands free. Any suggestions on how to do this would be most welcome! I always make all my Christmas cards, usually with felt.

For everyone else, lavender bags (, pottery ( and maybe some of these:

Indigo Blue said...

I am making some basic re-usable bags, but I do not have a tutorial for this as yet. I also make lots of cards this time of year for friends and family and for collegues to buy at work. I am organising a Christmas swap this year so at the moment that is taking time but I am going to make several decorations to give as presents as well. I do have various pictures scattered on my blog that I have found on google and I forgot to write down any links before commenting here Doh! But it is in my sidebar under Christmas swap. Lovely freebis by the way!!

Bagladee said...

I've already started making some bags, pouches and brooches for Christmas tutorial of these but what a great idea!!! I am too taking part in a christmas swap so I'm busy sewing away with that :)

thanks so much for a super duper give away :) xx

Anonymous said...

I will also be making some fingerless gloves, and have the first one on the needle as we speak. Also, I will be making coin purses, crochet flower brooches, and two farm playmats (for the farms of course)!

jojoebi-designs said...

I am planning to make lots but I need to get my finger out, I have to post early since family and friends are back in the UK.
I am making a cookbook using Blurb for my best mate.

A mermaid for 2 little girls

Felt play mat for my son, inspired by this one, but maybe more of a construction site theme

A personalised super hero cape for my nephew

Felt food for two little toddlers

a glasses case for my mom, although I am not sure how I am going to go about that one.

That just leaves the men, I wonder if my step dad would like a super hero cape too?

Average Jane Crafter said...

Oooooh! Fun!

I don't have tons of time to make gifts, but one thing I know I want to make for my mom and my grandmother-in-law is an embroidered tea towel using this cute freebie pattern from Nini Makes:


And thanks for the opportunity! :)

Michaela said...

I have made socks and scarves, but am mainly giving out mini-hampers full of home-made jam, chutney, marmalade and mincemeat. Will be doing a mincemeat-making episode on my blog very soon (it's at least a million times better than shop bought and is so easy, I promise!)

Anonymous said...

Oh, I love the owls and the buttons (actually I am obsessed by buttons ...) plans for this years Xmas presents are: a shirt for Hubby (sewn by me, I'm taking a sewing course), a knitted top for my sister, a handmade necklace for my mom and a twirly skirt for my daughter, plus some rings and bracelets made of buttons (thus my interest in the buttons .....)

me, me ... pick me, please!!!!

frida (f dot sciullo[at]libero dot it

Sarah said...

My mum, sister and I are all making Christmas wreaths from felt, braids, brads, ribbons and anything that inspires us. I would love to make one of you devine Owls to add to one of my wreaths. You can see our wreaths at I have never even thought my stuff is good enouge to make a tutorial but I might do that. Someone might like the idea..... we sure love making them and collecting all the supplies!

craftymummy said...

oh, and another pressie I've just decided to make - a crochet hook case for my SIL.

Shsjndkdns said...

This Christmas I have made a needlebook and pin cushion set, framed applique pictures and some personalised Xmas decorations! I'm sorry I don't have any links as I don't have my own blog yet!
Lovely and very generous giveaway though X Gemma X

Becky said...

We have way too much planned (as usual) this year. My 10yo is determined to make lip balm in little tubes for all of her friends - we have been researching recipes.

My most ambitious plan is to decorate our Christmas tree entirely with things we have made (we have a large tree, and my girls are quite attached to some of their Disney princess ornaments.)

Alicia @ Oh2122 said...

I really need to make my list, but I do know I will be makig a fair amont of ornaments this year.

Hubby, his sibs, and their spouses have begun to trade ornaments every year, and I have made ours a few times, but I have a doozy in mind this year that I need to start NOW!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Here in Holland we're celebrating Sinterklaas, on 5 December. This year I'm making mittens, a scarf and hat for my boy.
And I'm planning to make a tote, using a tutorial I found some time ago on Dutch Blue ( Corry had a wonderful and simple idea about a calico bag make-over. I already made one myself and it turned out to be so colourful and useful. No need for plastic bags anymore.
Greetings, Ria

Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah,
Forgot to mention how you can contact me (just in case I win, fingers crossed)
My email is markria at home dot nl.

Twiggy said...

Oooo lovely blog, lovely giveaway. So far i've made some red tomato relish which I've already posted pics of on my blog. I intend to make some chilli jam too and put them in pretty jars with gingham lids:) I'm going to knit some small Christmas tree decorations, make some fabric christmas stockings, cross stitch a few cards. I've also made a few fabric tree decorations but can't show them yet - shhh!!!
Twiggy x

Jenifer said...

I will be making lots of crocheted scarves :) and toys.

Anonymous said...

Am making just about all gifts year. Handmade challenge and all, filling in a little bit from Etsy.

For the girls, aprons, doll quilts, art totes, beanbags, winter nightgowns, and a hopefully glorious doorway puppet theatre.

A quilt and pillowcase set for my Dad, and pocket hand warmers for everyone!

Jackie said...

I am making a little felt covered trinket box for my daughter and also a knitted lamb and Panda from Fuzzy Mittens Patterns for my son. I love your blog and website.

Dawn Newsome said...

I have already started making things for Christmas: birdie card holder, clay hearts, felt ornaments, a clock and lots more. You can see my blog here:

Annie Scarlett said...

I'm making one of these cute notebook purses for our babysitter. She always carries a notebook for the notes she takes on the kids she's caring for so I thought she'd like something cute like this:

Anonymous said...

I am going to make some small christmas trees using felt,shell buttons and and multicoloured beads. I don't have a tutorial(no blog yet)but i'm sure that other crafters can create something special using these materials.

Anonymous said...

hi its david williams (jade and david)
i will give the gift to jade for xmas as she really loves all your stuff....!hehehe
sssssssshhhhhhhhhhhh no say a any thing....

Yasmin said...

Totally loving the brooch's so yummy.

Yasmin said...

Opps sorry forgot to say I have no links to tutorials but you've inspired me to have a go at making some stuff.

Gillian said...

What a wonderful Giveaway! I love your owls. I'm in the process of making some tree decorations at the moment for an exchange:

However, I also hope to make all my Christmas cards and gift tags this year and also - am making some clay angels at the moment!

Pink Stitches said...

Hi - I've got so many projects started at the moment but I hope to get round to finishing some soon!
I have a couple of simplicity tops on the go, an Amy Butler tote bag, a papercraft project and a felt project!!

Ciyou said...

I have alot plans on my head but I havent start most of them.
You can see my works at:

These are some chirtsmas crafts that I made so far:

But I'm going to make more because I have a craft event that I would like to join on dec.

I love the crafts on handcarve stamps, sewing, clay, paper crafts... etc. Visit more later for more crafts idea:

Hope to win the owl template as I love the owl so much. Thanks

Best regards,

ZenCrafter said...

Sorry I missed the deadline for this one! It's a great idea for a post! Mind if I steal your idead?