Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Handmade Gift Inspiration Week :: Day Three

Regular readers will know that for my last freebie draw I asked all entries to include ideas or links to tutorials showing gifts that will be Handmade this Christmas.This week my blog will be devoted to sharing the amazing ideas and craft work people linked to.I hope you all enjoy it and I hope it inspires you too :-)

Today's first tutorial is one that I have found whilst wandering round Blogland.
It's on a blog called WhiMSy Love and it's a FANTASTIC tutorial for making felt toppers (for pencils, or for decorating cakes or cupcakes) There are loads of design ideas and would be a great introduction for crafters who are not yet accustomed to the wonderful world of felt craft :-)

Today's second, and final set of links, is from a very prolific crafter, one of the freebie winners: CiYou. Her blog is chock-a-block with crafting, there are no direct tutorials but there are loads of hints and tips throughout the blog. The following are the projects which caught my eye ::

hand carved rubber stamps which can be used to print onto fabric

mini fimo doughnuts on decorated pegs ::

and beautiful fabric flower brooches ::



jojoebi-designs said...

thank you for all the lovely ideas this week.
I have made a pledge today to leave a comment on all my favourite blogs and of course yours is one of them!
the pledge

Apryl said...

great ideas today.. I love the idea of making your own stamps from rubber erasers.. I may have to give that a try...

at the moment I have been making some magnets from some surplus kitchen tiles (small stone ones) but I have to actually source the magnet bits before they are finished..

Ciyou said...

Thanks for featuring me on your blog.

I receive your free goodies and the buttons are just beautiful. Thank again.

Vimax Original Solusi Pria Perkasa said...

artikelnya sangat membantu gan thanks for sharing :)