Saturday, November 22, 2008

Handmade Gift Inspiration Week :: Day Six

Regular readers will know that for my last freebie draw I asked all entries to include ideas or links to tutorials showing gifts that will be Handmade this Christmas.This week my blog will be devoted to sharing the amazing ideas and craft work people linked to.I hope you all enjoy it and I hope it inspires you too :-)

Welcome to the last day of my Handmade Gift Inspiration will be a little heavy on the links because I want to share all the wonderful new blogs I've come across throughout this process, and because it's the weekend you have plenty of time to explore!
The list is made up from all the peeps with crafty blogs who commented, and is in no particular order ::
Madison Avenue Baby
CraftyB (who has just re-visited a covered button tutorial)

picture from :: Suzy Homemaker

picture from :: underthebigbluesky

picture from :: Scraps and Whatnot

picture from :: bagladee
Suzy Homemaker

picture from :: Knitty Knit
Erin K Creations

picture from :: Claire's Crafty Blog
Dreaming of Daisies
A HUGE thank you to everyone who made this week of posts possible, I've had great fun writing them and I hope you have enjoyed reading them!


Bagladee said...

YEY!! thanks for putting a picture of my holly brooch on your post Sarah :) what a fun week I've had reading all your posts.....xx

Ruthie said...

Great week and totally fab ideas.

Thank you,

Ruthie x

Anonymous said...

hee heeeee! Thanks for the link and picture of my pencil cases on your blog! I have read yours for a while now and have admired, and been inspired by, your robins. I have also been robin-ing and have crocheted one to give away on knittyknit!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a brilliant week full of new things to try! I'm totally blaming you now for my even bigger things to make list ;)

thanks for showing off Rolley Robin too! xx

claire said...

I've really enjoyed trying to look at all the links for fab projects you've posted...I will get round to them all eventually, which will lead to a huge list of want-to-do's!!
Thank you for adding my blog to your list(but when people click expecting a craft blog it could be a disappointment lol!! - more a talk about not getting round to anything blog!!).
Perhaps next year I can make all these lovely things?!?

Anonymous said...

Wow thanks! I am so tempted to keep those lovely Farmer's Market sachets for myself.

Yours in blog love,