Tuesday, November 04, 2008

catching up

phew----eeee I've been busy!
This weekend I had a rush order for 16 owl kits, to be couriered to Bermuda in a super quick time, ready for a crafty birthday party!

Today I have been trying to sort out my website...unfortunately Mr. Site. has broken (don't ask me !!) and two of my orders have got *lost* I have a paypal confirmation, but no details, so have no idea what the customers have bought! I spent a while chasing Mr. Site. on the phone but think they have more important things to fix before they find my lost orders!!

In the end I have emailed the people in question and asked them to email me their order..very unprofessional, but I don't have another option!
I've also been busy cutting out for my next batch of goodies....both my trays are full, one with mini fabric boxes in the making and one with more Christmas decorations.
Tomorrow I'm off work so can catch up with some sewing, and planning Novembers freebie, which has come around fast!!


Unknown said...

A Bermudan owl party - what fun...I think you should take them in person ;)

That roboty looking box I spy is rather fab - as is that pile of squares. I love a good square!

Bryony Ramsden said...

Ooo I hope that wasn't my order that broke it! I had a bit of fun this morning, but I thought it was probably just my poor internet connection! Am v excited for anything coming my way anyway :)

Loves seeing your fabric bits and pieces :D

Kitty said...

Oh wow - a crafty party in Bermuda - sounds like my kind of party!

I can see some robins, some penguins and some reindeer on your tray!


Celia said...

Looks great those fabric boxes! Would love to make some myself for Christmas gifts!

Nia said...

Wow- owls in Bermuda. paper-and-string goes global with owl army! Fantastic!

Shelley said...

Look at all those lovely goodies in the making! xx

Emily said...

Thank you for the parcel of goodies I bought from your website last week! I love the way you wrap them up & put a little thank you note inside- that's so sweet! I am enjoying using all the felt & buttons.

Hope the Bermudan (?!!) owls arrive safely!


Bagladee said...

I always feel cheery when I visit your blog Sarah!! So thanks :) xx

Jacqui said...

My beautifully wrapped order arrived safely today and I'm looking forward to making some cute robins and creating other decorations with the felt. You've inspired me!