Thursday, November 20, 2008

Handmade Gift Inspiration Week :: Day Four

Regular readers will know that for my last freebie draw I asked all entries to include ideas or links to tutorials showing gifts that will be Handmade this Christmas.This week my blog will be devoted to sharing the amazing ideas and craft work people linked to.I hope you all enjoy it and I hope it inspires you too :-)
Greetings Art *hi!* very kindly left a link to a whole selection of tutorials on her blog, and there truly is something for every kind of crafter!
Papercrafters will love making post-it note books ::

Felt lovers will enjoy making bookmarks ::

People talented with The Hook will love this flower ::

and Fabric Addicts can get scrap happy with a new quilt block ::

Kelly kindly shared a couple of tutorials, both for sewers, the first is a pair of super-cute baby shoes from a blog called On Pins and Needles ::

and the second is for a yummy pin cushion from a blog called Bari J

which prompted the cogs in my memory (hey, I'm getting up early to do these posts!) to remember that Anna Marie Horner also has a Pincushion Tutorial...except I remembered wrong and it's actually Heather Bailey! oops!
Heather Bailey has a library of patterns to make on the right hand side of her blog, including a pincushion and some baby shoes, she also has some tutorials, I love this yo-yo making tutorial ::
And whilst I was on Anna Marie Horner's Blog, (looking for a pincushion, duh!) I re-discovered her owl ornament tutorial ::

both just perfect for Gift Inspiration Week :-)
I'll stop here today, before my wonky memory leads me further into Blogworld...


Anonymous said...

oh! more new things to have a go at! I'm definitely going to have a go at yoyo making! xx

Anonymous said...

Tons of awesome inspiration! I love the felt garland.. it's probably my favorite thing of all.. but the bookmarks do look fun and cute to make!

Thanks for sharing your inspiration!

~Amy Rose~

Swirlyarts said...

If you are still looking for tutorials then can I suggest you check out this link for fab gift boxes. It's been done by my friend Ruth and would be perfect for packing those handmade gifts into!

Just Original said...

What a great showcase of tutorials, if only I had the time to make some of them!

Vanessa x

Unknown said...
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