Sunday, April 06, 2008

snow, doughnuts and windows!

It snowed here today! A lot!
I got very excited because it doesn't settle here very often...John and I went to the beach and there was snow everywhere...It had only been snowing for about half an hour at this point and it lasted for around 3's melting away now though.
I've been busy, making doughnuts ::
lots of different flavours to choose from
I sewed these a different way ... usually I sew them up with ordinary straight stitch but this time I used blanket stitch and it means they can take a whole lot more stuffing! and I think they look neater too.
Yesterday I received an email from Trashalou, she had spent AGES trying to find my blog because she had seen some cupcakes on a poster and just *knew* they were mine, and boy am I glad she did, LOOK ::
It would seem that the clothes shops that ordered the marathon cupcake order didn't just stick them in the windows...they also made posters!
Yay to cupcake posters!
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Lazylol said...

love love love the doughnuts!

You must be giddy to see the posters - I think you should contact them and ask if you can have one when they are finished.

Kitty said...

Those doughnuts are absolutely wonderful!

We had snow too - it's all gone now though.


picciolo said...

wow the posters look great! and can I have a pink iced doughnut please?
; )

mollycupcakes said...

Wow sweetie you must be so very proud of yourself. And well deserved it is too. The cupcakes look great hanging giant size in their window display.
Congratulations hun.

Loving all the new doughnuts yum yum yum!
Glad you got a little snow and not to much to course any problems.

Have a good week.
Catherine x

Anonymous said...

How cool is that? To see your work in a shop window, that's fantastic!

I love the doughnuts, too...very yummy looking.

Monkee Maker said...

Oh Wow!! That poster of your cupcakes is brill!! Is the shop Monsoon? I shall be keeping my eyes peeled ....

The doughnuts look yummy!