Friday, April 11, 2008

friday fun

Remember I showed you a robot cupcake maker the other day?
Well I listed him on etsy yesterday and wham-bam 2 hours later he was sold!!
I was so excited, it's never happened that quickly before !!
I just got back from the post office and he is now on his way to America :-)
So yesterday afternoon I made another robot cupcake maker ::
with his secret cupcake oven ::

but what is that the robot is laying on???'s only a great big (biggest ever) order for felt! 12" and 24" squares :-)
I shall be adding them all to the shop on Sunday.

*as you can see the freebies are still here, they will be posted on Monday*


Indigo Blue said...

WOW! That was quick! Bet it was a nice feeling. had my first sale at the beginning of the week and you would have thought that I had won the lottery! All that felty brightness looks great together.

Kitty said...

Well done on the speedy sale, though I'm not surprised, he was gorgeous - as is Mark II.

Gosh, doesn't all that felt look yummy? :-D x

picciolo said...

well done on the quick sale sisterini! And I've got my eye on that felt...

gonga said...

Just want to say Hi, I have been watching your lovely crafty blog for a while, I grew up in Worthing, and it's always good to see what's going on there (I now live in the North)Thanks for the Photo's of the washed up wood on the beach I couldn't belive it!!!!
Well done on your Etsy sale, I'm hoping to put some work on soon- (what's your secret!!!) Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

hey well done! I've had my second ever sae this week...! it's quite exciting...i'e got my eye on that felt too! ;)

Anonymous said...

lovin your blog:)x