Monday, February 18, 2008

A super long day...

John left for his week away at 5:15 am. I insisted he woke me so I could say goodbye, but once he'd got on his way I was wide awake and thought my time could be put to some good use :-) So this morning I knitted my 'worm' and put the finishing stitches in these cupcakes!
I felt a little Christmassy when I was packing up all these parcels....most are the freebies, so if you won then your prize is on it's way...

Yesterday I finished knitting my 2nd green square, and i've just got back from buying some more wool.....I intend to make a softie of some description!!This evening I shall be sitting on the sofa in a panic. I just had an order confirmed for a minimum of 340 cupcakes, maybe upto 680! The main reason for the panic is they need to be delivered by 17th March.....aaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Goodness me that is a lot of cupcakes! In my head I am skipping over the cutting out part and the sewing part and concentrating on the photos at the end....that many cupcakes will look SO cool !!!
I'm off to tidy away all my WIPs and make room for a mini cupcake making factory.....


Locket Pocket said...

Wow what a fantastic order!!!! You'll be sewing cupcakes in your sleep before long! Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Good luck with your cupcake making - you might need it !!!!

Kitty said...

Oh wow! 340 cupcakes? That is a seriously fabulous order ... but then you make seriously fabulous cupcakes!

Good luck with it. x

monda-loves said...

wow - 340 cupcakes is massive, 680 is even more massive. I can imagine you must be delighted and scared to death at the same time.

maybe you need to start subcontracting to all your friends in blogland - or have a cupcakeathon where you you invite all your friends and family round to have a big cupcake making session!


Anonymous said...

WOW! fantastic news! Good luck with all the cupcake making. now all you need is a HUGE teapot to go with them ;)

Indigo Blue said...

Crikey! You will be eating, sleeping, dreaming and living cupcakes! Maybe some soothing sewing music might help?
Best of luck.

PS Knitting looking gooood!

mollycupcakes said...

Wow my goodness, how many cupcakes?
Not the best time to order some more from you then for little Daisy lol
He birthday is the 27th of March and I was hopingto get a few for her.
But if it'f gonna be too much please let me know sweetie.
Glad you liked you're little present. Just a thank you for being so kind x
Catherine x

Anonymous said...

your worms are too cute! your patches are darling!! and your packages are beautiful too!!! your site is a joy to browse thru!!!

oh and i just dig your brooches too!!! :)