Wednesday, February 06, 2008

i'm such a dummy !!!

Oh I have been reeeaaaaallllyyyyy silly !!
Remember last week when I had time off work and made loads of lovely new things?
Well, I duly listed them on etsy and my website BUT (and here comes the dumb bit) I got the prices all mixed up !!

It's only (only! ha!) the iron-on patches that I got wrong....they are supposed to be £5 / $10 each whereas I listed them as £9 / $18 ...... I've tried to figure out how I did it and I think it's because I decided I didn't like it being $10 flat so maybe it should be $9 something and then I seem to have got $9 stuck in my head which turned into £9 / $18 !!!

Do you need a sip of wine yet ???

So, I'm just going to tweak the prices now ...and you know what? this time I'm going to stick with £5 / $10 !!!


monda-loves said...

don't worry, we all have days like these - this is commonly known as a 'brain drain' in my house :o)


Unknown said...

silly billy!