Monday, February 25, 2008

John's away again

This morning John left for another week working away. Hopefully this will be the last week!
I got up at 5.15am to say goodbye and stayed awake but I wasn't able to wake up!!!
So even though I have been up for way longer than normal I am so dis-organised today!!
As a result I am recycling a photo of cupcakes ::

...I took a leaf out of monkee makers book and have 'fiddled' with it in Picasa...if you fancy a cupcake they are in my etsy shop now :-)


Monkee Maker said...

Hurrah for Picasa!

Thanks too for the link to LoobyLu - I love those crochet blankets that are featured in her trailer post. Your sunday idea sounds great.


Chin Yee said...

Hi there,
I am so inspired by your cute and yummy felt products! It makes me think about the wonderful things I can make for my little boy. However, I afraid I would need a little advise from you concerning felt before I begin my felting journey. Prior to this, I had purchase some cheap felt from a craft store and I sewed a small heart shaped cushion for my boy for Valentine's Day. The surface of the felt become furry after just a day. So I am wondering which kind of felt should I use? Are the felt that you are carrying on your web suitable? I'd tried checking online but there's quite a few different kind of felt, and the prices varies alot too. So could you help a felt newbie here?

picciolo said...

hi, I didn't realise John was away this week too, you know where I am if you feel yourself sinking into a cupcake quagmire