Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Back at home

Time for a photo-filled catch up!
This is Bigbury Beach, which Mum, Dad, Nan and I visited on Monday (the photo is courtesy of Dad's album because I left my camera behind!)
and I had to add this one because it's funny....this is Bigbury last year when the tide was coming in and the driver of the van thought he could conquer nature!! The sea, when the tide is in, seperates Bigbury from Burgh Island (famous for a Poirot film, amongst other things) which is reached via a tractor with a cabin on the top (on the left of the picture).

My Modbury Bag. Modbury is famous for....

so I have added a Modbury shopping bag to my collection of fabric totes :-)

My purchases

The bag of buttons on the right is from my Mum's button collection which she very kindly let me raid :-)A pile of finished items...I took a lot of part made things with me and managed to complete this little lot!A chocolate ladybird which I have left behind for Holly (my neice) because my sister's family are going to visit mum and dad this weekend and I thought it would be a nice little surprise for her!I saved the best for knitting (insert a proud face here!) Mum, very patiently, taught me to cast-on, plain knit, purl knit AND cast off !! Crochet was attempted too but that didn't make sense to me so I concentrated on the knitting!

It's always nice to be home, but I really did enjoy my little holiday, my Mum and Dad are great :-)


Unknown said...

Well done! When can I expect my first knitting lesson, then????? heehee

Looks like you had a lovely time - and you even managed to do some sewing. Blooming heck, you never stop, do you?!

dottycookie said...

Looks like a lovely holiday. And yay! Another knitting convert! You'll be joining Ravelry before you know it.

the vicious chicken said...

Yay! You're knitting! It's fun, isn't it? Hope you're enjoying it :o)

Glad you had a good time while you were away,

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! And yay to knitting! It's my new thing to learn this year....still on squares and rectangles as I'm not brave enough to try increasing and decreasing yet! I wish my mum had a button box, she usually raids mine :)

Kitty said...

Welcome home. Thanks for the lovely photos - isn't Bigbury stunning?

Oh crikey ... you're knitting - can't wait to see what creations you conjure! x

Indigo Blue said...

Welcome back! the weather here in the West Country has been good lately hasn't it? I am a very basic knitter too, bags and scarves are good start on. I would like to pass on anArt Award that I was given by my blogging friend in USA. Pop over if you are interested. i visit here regularly and have comment a little but I am a lurker, if that does not sound wierd! Best of luck with the knitting,don't give up.

Kitsch n Zinc said...

Welcome home, Bigbury looks lovely! I'm most impressed with the Modbury tote. Looks like you had a very productive holiday ;o)

Anonymous said...

Aah, I love your toadstools and tortoises! It's nice to come across a UK crafty blogger, more to identify with. Your site is hugely inspiring, incidentally I'm [badly] attempting a white fuzzy polar bear to applique onto a purse at the moment!

Blooming Felt said...

I LOVE Bigbury !!! We always try to take the children there in the summer for a day when we're on our hols in lovely Devon.

Glad to see you've been busy too ....and spending your hard earned pennies !!

Sarah x

Sam Gillespie said...

I love that area, we go to Bantham every year and walk across when the sea is out. x