Wednesday, June 27, 2007

dotty monster

The other half of my fabric order is still not here.
I'm not panicking yet but I am feeling impatient !
I have had a few comments asking where the fabric is from but I want to wait for my whole order to be fulfilled before I recommend the shop I used.
So now you have to be impatient too, sorry!

So, what to do whilst pretending not to wait for the post?

Make a monster of course :-)

What a gymnast!

ooooh where did he go???

oh there he is with his best friend Cecil


caroline said...

I am waiting for a couple of fabric parcels to arrive and I am getting twitchy now because of course there will be no post on Friday. Maybe I should make a monster to divert my attention. Your new little friend is very sweet.

Anonymous said...

Well I have to say that is the cutest 'monster' I've ever seen! Surely he's more of an elf or a pixie? So sweet!

pink-petal-designs said...

orrr how cute !!

Anonymous said...

How could anyone be impatient with such a cute monster to look at!!!??? HE is adorable!

saraeden said...

more cute stuff ... your so clever !!

Anonymous said...

What a little cutie!! And it's never good to have to wait for a parcel especially when it's one full of lovely fabrics : )

Leigh said...

Just found your blog, am lovin your creations. :)

Me and Him said...

That's one cute monster.