Monday, June 04, 2007

a gift that's perfect for summer

See this magazine?

...especially this page here?

ooohhh look at the top right corner !!

That'll be an advert about me and another Sarah !! woohoo !!

Now, see this flower?

This flower is a gift from my amazing friend Nia. It arrived on Saturday and I LOVE IT.

BUT what could I do to show it off to it's best ability?
Maybe attach it to a canvas? or turn it into the world's largest brooch?...hhhmmm....wait, I know, I need another bag!
tra la laaaaaaa.....

I whipped this up last night and took it into work today and it is such a summery thing!

Carrying a hand made bag with a gorgeous gift on it is guaranteed to make me happy!!

Thanks Nia, you're the best :-)


Blooming Felt said...

It's me !!! Fame at last !! That bag is really lovely - you're so clever ! How on earth you find the time just to whip something like that up is beyond me !

Suzie Sews At DOTTY RED said...

You must be so pleased with your advert. I hope it brings lots of business your way. As for that flower, so perfect with the bag. Clever you.
Suzie Sews