Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our trip to Goodwood Festival of Speed

We certainally made the most of our day and spent a full 10 hours there. I was so worried about the forecast rain that I kinda forgot about sunshine and as a result I am a little pink today! oops!

This is a craft blog so I win't talk about cars too much but here are a few pics of our day :-)

look how grey the sky was...
John renovated a Saab just like the red one on the rally track above and it was great to see one racing.
This was our view of an awful crash. It happened to the right of us and the car spun about 8 times. Bits of turf and car were flying in our direction and we had to run out of the way (I ran as fast as I could but all the men just walked quickly...I didn't know I could move that quick!) The driver walked away thank goodness but the car was smashed to pieces.
If you ever get the chance then I would highly recommend visiting , the atmosphere is fantastic and there is so much to see and do.
I'll be back soon with crafty things I promise!

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