Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Can tags go out of date?

Assuming the answer is no then here goes:

I got tagged a while ago by
CupcakesforClara so here are 7 interesting (?) things about little me!

1 :: I have a degree in Theatre Studies (Design Option) where I spent 3 amazing years learning to sew and pattern cut all manner of wonderful things. I once made a dry stone wall quilt for the play within a play in A Midsummer Nights Dream.

2 :: I was on Child's Play (remember that show?) when I was 7.
(I didn't get to meet Michael Aspel though)

3 :: I worked at Pizza Hut during my A levels and degree course and it's my longest job ever! 5 years....I still remember all the toppings on every pizza.

4 :: I found a bomb in a stream on a school trip. I was about 9 yrs old and the whole class were in wellies walking up a stream on Dartmoor noting down all the rubbish we saw. My friend and I were a bit bored and we saw a drinks can so we kicked it a bit to see what drink can it was. Unfortunately we were kicking a bomb.. The teachers face was funny when he saw what we were doing.....strangely enough the trip was a bit shorter than planned!

5 :: I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. All sorts of ideas have featured in this decision but none have really come to anything. I wanted to be a Royal Marine (so I could be in the marching band) or I wanted to own a shop (but I had no idea what to sell). Other ideas include: running a guinea pig sanctuary, raising chimpanzees in Gombe with Jane Goodall, playing Sax with Harry Connick Jnr, being a composer, Interior design (I blame changing rooms for that one!). Honestly the list is endless. I am very envious of people who 'always knew' just what they wanted to do . BUT I am very happy where I am now....I wonder what I'll be doing in a year or two?

6 :: I can't watch films. I don't think I have ever EVER watched a film from start to finish without doing something else at the same time. Sewing, obviously, eating, flicking through magazines, jigsaws...anything really!

I do love this film though. Especially the dancing on the table 'I got life' bit

7 :: I love cheese. Maybe I'm a mouse.
If you are still reading, I thank you :-)
If you would like to take part then consider yourself tagged...7 interesting things about you as soon as you like !
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Blooming Felt said...

hmmmmm - very interesting !! I don't think I could possibly think of 7 interesting facts about me !! Sarah xx

Anonymous said...

If I were a careers advisor, I 'd definitely advise you to go with the guinea pig santuary!

Sing Yee said...

Hi there! Thank you for stopping by my blog. :) You've posted some very interesting things about yourself. XD I'd love to work at pizza hut's. It's my favouritest fast food place in the world! :D