Thursday, June 21, 2007

I made something!

The last three days at work have felt like 2 weeks. Happily I have 4 days off now and have spent today catching up with laundry (yawn) and crafting (yippee!)

This morning I was Internet browsing for a good few hours, catching up on blog world and sorting out the bug in my flickr account (all done now thank goodness) and breathing some life into
ye olde etsy shoppe

I have also done some sketching and hope that means there will be some new things to show you soon :-)

I have placed a rather hefty fabric order and have already worn a groove in the floor pacing around waiting for the postman! It should be here soon......
I love that when you have new supplies on their way your head is full of new ideas and exciting things you can make, mind you when it gets here I am sure I will hesitate over the first cuts with the scissors!

John and I and a few friends are heading over to

Goodwood Festival of Speed
tomorrow so please send some sunshine thoughts my way!


Anonymous said...

Ooooh cute flowers! Must get me some!

Chookyblue...... said...

cute flowers....might have to have a go at this....they look wonderful...what do you do with them?

Ester said...

wow, great job, love it!!
are they emblishements??

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