Saturday, January 10, 2015

the drawers are full

 The furniture re-arranging is still a work in progress but it's getting there!  All the units are in place ... not a small task because John needed to make frames and plinths for them all to stand on.
 The ginormous 4m long counter (which luckily came in 2 pieces) is no longer a shop counter but more of an island...we've plonked a piece of white board on top so I can use it but we need to get a worktop custom made because of the size.
 The button shelves are great - I still need to fill most of these drawers but this is my last big organising job :-)
 The old Tapestry Wool drawers I bought a year ago match the new drawers very nicely :-)
 This unit came with glass shelves but we have packed them away safely in the cupboard and John made me lots of wooden shelves  with an ''anti-ribbon-roll-rolling-off-device'' on the front of each one....and I have accidentally left some spaces for NEW ribbons ;-)
 I love my ribbon shelves :-)
 The ribbon shelves are in the middle of the room...attached to the great big metal framework of the barn so it can't fall over...and behind them is my fabric shelf unit....
it's rather marvellous that the carpenters who built these units in the 1950's made these shelves the perfect size for bolts of fabric :-) 
There's more to show you but it's not quite ready yet.....bear with me please :-)


Natasha-Rizhik said...

You work in heaven: ))

Anonymous said...

It all looks fabulous - how I do envy you Sarah!

Linny said...

Your workshop looks amazing now. after following it from when you moved in, what a great space!

Peggy said...

Jealous? You bet. How lovely.