Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Pre-Christmas Catch Up

Since sending out our last parcels we have had a busy few days:
Lots of present shopping has been done
The Christmas Tree and decorations have been put up
The house got cleaned 
The BIG food shop has been squished into the fridge & cupboards
We spent yesterday with my Mum & Dad, which was FANTASTIC :-)
AND the barn's makeover is getting there, slowly!
Ready for some photos?
 My new fabric shelves
 A rainbow of ribbon spools
 A rainbow of felt balls
 And a rainbow of Bubble Buttons.
I am in drawer filling  heaven (although it is taking me FOREVER!!)


Anonymous said...

Hi Sarah
What eye candy! Gorgeous photos.
I regularly check your lovely blog.
Merry Christmas and I hope your business goes from strength to strength next year. Mandy x

Jessie May said...

Merry Christmas Sarah. Wishing you a happy and peaceful 2015 and may Paper and String have another successful year, Margaret, Milton Keynes xx

Anonymous said...

the storage looks amazing with all your beautiful goods in them! wishing you and john a great xmas and new year! heres to 2015 and continued world domination!!
Julie xoxo

Ninita said...

Very colourful!