Sunday, December 14, 2014


We were going to leave the new (to us) furniture in a pile until the New Year - but John and I both wanted to do the Big Furniture Swap over Right Now. this weekend we began.....
 We moved got cleared....
 ...spaces were filled....
 ...even the post sack cage became a temporary fabric moving device :-)
 John did a lot of expert carpentry ... building plinths for it all to sit on, and making fine adjustments because this old barn does not have a flat floor ;-)
 All of our new drawers and cabinets were built bespoke for a Chemist's shop in Germany....every drawer is numbered and has a corresponding numbered compartment to hold it. 
 There are lots (and lots) of drawers and cupboards and some massive shelf of which is now home to Buttons .... I have yet to put anything in the drawers which is why it's like this!
 We're not finished (far from it!) but all the heavy lifting and furniture shifting is done .... and all the stock is near where it will end up!  All the drawers have adjustable compartments so I figure it will take me quite some time to get it all *just so*  :-)
And look!  These button drawers were purchased before we moved to the barn -  don't they match the Chemist's drawers perfectly?

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Anonymous said...

that all looks amazing! fab work and well done to you and john - you are going to be so ready for a break!!!