Thursday, January 22, 2015


We're going to open a paper-and-string
We signed on the dotted line today, after an on-site meeting with the guys who are opening a new shoping venue, right in West Bay where we live!
It's called The Customs House and will have lots of different business all under one roof .... it's the perfect way for us to have a Pop Up Shop because they provide staff to man the tills and keep everything running smoothly...I just need to pop in everyday to tidy round and fill up stocks, but it seems a pretty cool place to spend some time so I think I'll be in there when I can be - especially if I know people are coming and I can go and say hi!
It's not going to open for a  little while...there's lots of building work and things for them to finish first - although they've done a lot already and it looks brilliant to me!  I'll keep you posted (of course!) but it's looking like it will be the beginning of April :-)
This is their FB page The Customs House FB
and their website too The Customs House Website


Jessie May said...

Wow, that is exciting news! I wish I lived closer so I could just pop in. Do you know whether it will be open over the Summer, because then I would make a special trip and visit Lyme Regis too.

Amanda said...

It looks amazing! I hope all goes well xx