Wednesday, January 21, 2015


all sorts of useful stuff has been restocked recently::
 the scissors of Scallop are back:  3mm,  5mm and 7mm scallops are £15 a pair and can be found here
 ever popular pom pom making gadgets (round ones and heart shaped ones too) start at £5 and are here
 Ribbon Racks are back and can be found here
 Air Erasing Pens are all in stock too but I forgot to photograph them....but you can see them here if you need a magic disappearing pen :-)
 and NEW tool of the day is a pair of Polka Dot Scissors - I needed some general purpose scissors for my packing area and had a quick browse online at all the boring coloured scissors out there, and decided I needed these Polka Dot Ones instead.  FAB....of course I got a whole box full, so if you need some too they are very bargainsome (£4.50 a pair) and you can see them here

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