Friday, May 10, 2013

This weekend -

- I will not be sewing. 
- Nor will I be doing paper work.
- In fact I shall not be working AT ALL !!
I will however, be driving this little beauty ::
This is Olaf - John's newest old car...isn't he handsome? 
Olaf, John and I are going on a jolly/whistle stop tour to Devon and Somerset ... and we will be sharing the driving (I've not been brave enough to drive one of Johns Renovations before but I have practised in this one and I love driving it!) 
I hope you have a fun weekend too!


Em said...

What a beauty! Sun is shining here in Devon at the moment. Enjoy your weekend off while I help my daughter finish her school project of the solar system.....of course we chose to make it out of felt!!

Jessie May said...

I hope you have a glorious weekend :)

Mandy said...

wow what a fab car, have a fun weekend Sarah!